Sprint retrospective – 4

On sprint 4, we the team started some with the project. That’s the search project. We were all able to install the angular materials including all other stuff attached to it.  At first, getting things started was very coming a big problem. Implementing the angular materials was not working on my computer. after installing it, it brings up a lot of warning. But with times i have to install most of the stuff manually. After all the manually works on the angular material, it started working perfectly. Now that we are all got things started and working, we have to study the angular material on how to implement the text field, button and any other things that we will need in the project especially the google’s material.  During the sprint, while working on the search field, i decided to learn more about the google material and a little more about the angular material. I notice learning all these, the angular material has made it very simple for any one using angular project to create a web site or to create an application in angular. There is not need to start from scratch as the angular material has everything made ready to use compared to the old way of creating an web application or a website. I also did some practice on most of the angular materials. They were very interesting. Before ending the last day of the sprint, we decided to work on who will be doing this or that. as in dividing the work according to the group members. We also started preparing for the final presentation of the project. How it should be presented, things that will be needed and who is going to say this or that. We talked about it but never brought up and a conclusion to it. So probably, next sprint or during class meetings, we will be discussing about it. So far things are going well will the project, everyone in the team is putting much effort for the progress of the project. Which is very a good things. This whole project has made me learned a lot about how team work is doing in the real world job. I have gotten some understanding on how  consistency, and keeping up has much contribution to the team. All these bring up a good productivity. We the team member make sure or ensure that deadlines are met and that there is high quality work. When one team member falls behind, there is another to pick up the pieces. When work is divided up among members of a team, it gets done faster, making the overall business operate more efficiently. During this sprint, i notice the collaboration of the us make work go faster, which is very a good thing making us also focus on other sections of the work. hope next sprint we accomplish everything or be done with the project and start fully working on the final presentation.


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