Apprenticeship Patterns – Sweep the Floor

For this week, i read on “sweep the floor”. I found it very interesting. As a programmer, there are a whole lot of unfinished project you eventually will not complete on time or not will not complete it at all and will abandon it. As  i was reading i saw some of the things why developers forget, why they decide not to complete a project or why they think this particular project is not a that necessary.

From the readings to my understanding, having finished projects demonstrates to potential employers or employers that you can deliver what you set out to deliver, but it depends on what you mean by “project”.

If you are doing the project with a view to having a complete product that showcases all of your skills and may be something you want to make money out of eventually then yes you should finish it, or at least show that it is actively being worked on.

If you are doing the project to learn specific things (how to stream video, password encryption, what ever) then once you have that aspect working it’s less vital to have a fully functional product as you have effectively completed the project. What you should have is something that can you can show prospective employers to demonstrate your skills.

For example, this might just be a web site that says “Welcome back, Derek odam” after successfully logging in and nothing else – but that’s fine as you are showing off the code behind the website that demonstrates you understand password encryption and secure connections etc.

Sometimes because of a code statement or situation that can not be solved, a project is left unsolved. Which most of the time from the beginning of the project all the information given were to make the project a successful one or even sometimes the better one of the new project. In my small knowledge or opinion i think checking for all unsolved situation will be very helpful in a very long run.

I actually enjoyed reading this part of the pattern because, it makes my know that without the love for the work you are doing, you will always be procrastinating leading to unsolved issues. Which is very bad. Sometimes not very  bad since maybe you are a deadline to which a project has to be completed. In that case skipping a small problem will be a wise decision to take.


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