Apprenticeship patterns – Record What You Learn

This week, i read on “record what you learn”. On the reading, i got the importance of recording what you have learned. As it is generally said, it is good to keep notes. During your craftsmanship or the process leading you to the real word job. You will need to jot what ever you learn, whether from your master, from colleagues or from your own researches. By doing this you are able to learn more skill faster.

For instance, you have learned a new computer language just because you want to create a new project. But in order for you to complete the project, you will have to learn an additional language. Since it is a new language, it is likely you will forget a whole lot of stuff. And at the same time you will need to learned this new second language as well. So in this case, while learning the computer language for the project. It is required for you to jot up some notes just in case you are learning the second language and its time to join both languages together to complete the project, you will be able to recall all what you have learned or what actually you might have forgotten.

if you want to become the best in your field, taking notes is your ticket to making it happen. As you build your career and keep track of what you’re learning, you’ll have easy access to your very own refresher courses.

Quality notes not only help you build a strong arsenal of knowledge, but they can help make a difference in the lives of those you care about. If a new co-worker needs to get caught up on a project they’re working with you on, they can refer to your notes to catch up without feeling overwhelmed. If a friend misses class due to a family emergency, your notes can help them get back on track. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Taking records is a nice action that reveals much about a person’s  patience, determination, and attention to details. It also shows you’re efficient and don’t allow what’s important to fall away. From the this pattern, i have come to realized, the reasons for all the blog pages and a whole lot most instructors guide us through.



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