Sprint Retrospective – 2

Hi readers, on my sprint 2, we planned making sure everyone’s was ready to start with the testing. some team members were able to start with the angular and get the sever up and running. Some were stuck, like me. With me, i was able to get most of the things to work, like installing the latest java, nodejs/npm, the karma and the angular itself. Everything felt alright till i tried building the up the project given to us. When i did run the build command, it gives a lot of warning and also many errors. Did not no where i went wrong, so i consulted one of my team member who has finished with his set up and was able to build and also run the server command. He went through, noticed my @angular-devkit/architect was not installed. And also many many of the angular packages were not installed. So he decided for me to uninstall it and reinstall it back.

So i tried uninstalling it but to no avail. So i decided to use the vmware application to install linux OS since i was not able to uninstall the angular. I also learned, linux is pretty very cool when it comes to these kind of stuff. So after installing the linux OS, i did the same process as i did on the windows. Installing the latest java, nodejs/npm, protector, karma and angular. Everything worked fined and when i test for the angular as in the version. I noticed maybe all the packages were installed. That was great till i tried building on the project. when I run the build command, it game me a whole lot of warnings. But this time, it did not give me errors unlike the windows.

For now I am just stuck with making my angular work. Hoping will get help from a team member to see if that will help. If not, i will have to share with someone who’s program is working fine.

While i was also trying to fix my “angular problem” , i was also learning a whole lot of things on angular. Did a whole lot of search, searching on what could be the problem why my angular is not setting up. This made me start learning from scratch. It was really annoying. But i had no choice if i wanted to make this work. I followed most examples and also practiced most of them on my own. I notice when i tried creating a new angular application, it works fine but when i tried running an old project or building on an old project, it give me all kinds of warnings.

Through the week on my angular project and finding ways to make my angular project work. I got to find out that javascript has been upgraded. Which is called ES6. ES6 is a major update to JavaScript that includes dozens of new features. With a focus on simplicity and readability, this course is an efficient way to find out what is new in JavaScript and most importantly when and how you should use it.

I went through this new updates on javascript. I notice a lot of differences and was almost like typescript. It wa very easy to understand and work with. Has less codding comparing it to the old javascript style of coding.

The second sprint, made me learned a lot on angular, learned new things i did not know and also got to know about the new upgrade of javascript. I like working on web development stuff. so i was really excited i got to know about this new update on javascript. I hope the next sprint, things became very smooth and easy.


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