Apprenticeship patterns – Your First Language

This week i picked the pattern, “your first language”. I was very interesting reading it. I got to know more about why you should learned your first language to perfection. At least master it well before learning another language. From the reading, get a language you like and very easy to use, is the best way to be a better programmer by mastering it. The reason is because all the programming languages follow the say pattern. Only different statement but the same principle. So by mastering one and feeling very comfy about it, make it very easy for you to learn new programming language with ease.

From the readings, to my understanding. I got to know by becoming very good at your first language, you need to ;

  • Use the language all day, every day. Usually this means being full-time employed in the language.
  • Read all you can about the language. Especially, “best practices” and idioms.
  • Join a users group to talk with others about the language and what they do with it.
  • Work with other people’s code! There is no faster way to learn what not to do in a language than to have to clean up after someone who did something awful.
  • Support the code you write – every bug becomes a tour of your worst decisions!
  • Study computer science and languages in general
  • Learn a very different language. A great compliment to C would be a functional language like Lisp. This will turn the way you think about your procedural language inside out.
  • Learn to use the frameworks and APIs available for that language.
  • Take the time to do your own experiments with the language. SICP is not applicable to C, but the attitude of learning a language by testing its limits is a very productive one.
  • Read the history of the language to learn why it was made the way it is.
  • Attend conferences to hear the language authors speak, or to hear what industry leaders are doing with the language.
  • Take a class in the language.
  • Teach the language to others

As I said, reading this pattern made my understanding broadened. I really know by following the pattern given from the book will be a great fit for anyone who want to have a better and easy life at work in the future as a computer software or programmer.


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