Sprint-retrospective 1

On our first sprint, we talked about karma, the setting of GitHub, help with other members of the team, went through things they did not understand. For example, some were having issues setting up the karma. I myself, was having issues on it too. During gathering, we talk on what has been done, things that will be done including things that will be needed for the project.

During the week i learn learned angular. The reason for learning angular is because, the project we have been handed to do, was done with angular. And i’m not all that very good at it. For me to be able to help the team, i decided to learn it. I started with the basic even though i have studied them. I wanted to know if i still can do the basic. I then practice a whole lot on it. And since it goes along with html,java-scripting, i did a little revision on html and java-scripting. It was fun going back to JavaScript. My first programming language.  Because i have visited JavaScript for a very long time i visited some websites just to refresh my mind on it.

while going through the ng2-amrs folder, i realize, have to learn Typescript. Typescript which is the same as JavaScript but it just is a sub of JavaScript. It is well organized than the JavaScript. for instance, when creating classes, with typescript, it is easy and less code while you can do the same with JavaScript but will have to implement a whole lot of code and it is not easy too. I got some tutorials on from https://www.typescriptlang.org/. It really helped me.

Next thing i did, was looking for the  best IDE which i will use for the project. I wanted to pick eclipse but i found out that most of the members of the team were using visual studio. And since i’m with the team, thought having the same IDE will be the best. Just in case i do have a problem, one of the team members can help me out. And beside that, i learnt visual studio is very easy to use. So after the IDE i will be using, i started doing some research on it. during the research, i got to know it belongs to Microsoft. I downloaded, and tried a hand on it. It was a little bit confusing. But with time as in the next two day, i got to know how to use it. very very cool application. I did a little fast learning on YouTube. How to use typescript/angular on the visual studio.

The reason why i took this step for the week was to be very well prepared for the project. Also to be very active with the group discussion and what is being worked on. Also to be able to handle small matters so that i don’t worry other team members, by doing so we speed up on our work/project. The week was fun.

links : https://www.w3schools.com/js/




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