IndividualApprenticeship Patterns – Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice as they say, makes one perfect. Practice is the act of rehearsing a behavior over and over for the purpose of improving on it to be perfect. From the readings, i notice the statement which says “Your grandmother may have told you that practice makes perfect. She was wrong. In fact, practice makes permanent. ” which i think was quoted by George Leonard. Actually, i think he is getting the whole thing wrong. Practice actually make you perfect and also makes your permanent. Whether you are learning the good thing or the bad thing, you will eventually be very good at it, leading to perfection.

I also learned by practicing, you do not have to do it alone. Just by being at work or under a master, you will be learning a lot. By learning you are practicing at the same time. You should also be making sure you are learning the best stuff, since what you are learning, can be come permanent. You don’t want to learn being good at something that will not profit you in the long run. That will be a waste of time and resources. In order ways while you are searching for a good place to work or a mentor, you should make sure you picked the right person(s).

Also while getting used to things, make sure you are learning other new skill. You don’t get stuck on one thing. You need to know more, and by doing that, you will have to learn new skill when ever you thing are okay with others. Pick harder stuff or projects to practice on. Always check you strength, if too easy move to harder ones.

This pattern has not caused me to change the way i viewed practicing. But it has showed me there are ways i can practice in an excellent way or a better way.  And also types of practicing i can take. Also to my understanding, practicing with peers is more an effective way to be better at your skills. I really enjoyed this pattern and i know it will help me now and very well in the future.







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